US police announces award for Pakistani man for saving citizen’s life

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According to the Sunshine News, local police in the US state of California have decided to award Bilal Shahid, a young Pakistani,  for saving a life of a 72-year-old elderly citizen.

According to reports, the elderly citizen Billy Kiyabu, who is a resident of Livermore, fell on the sidewalk and fainted. Bilal, who was passing by along with his family, decided to stop the car and rushed towards the man to help him. The senior citizen was facing trouble breathing, after which Bilal called the helpline for a medical emergency. During the call, the officer asked the Pakistani citizen to give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Photo Courtesy: Pipa News

However, Bilal was unaware of the method so he followed the instructions on the call. In a short period of time, medical help arrived. The officer informed that due to the CPR, the Pakistani man was able to restore his pulse and ended up saving his life.

The family of the 72-year-old searched the Pakistani man on social media and sent him gifts and a thanked him for providing help at the moment.

Photo Courtesy: Pipa News

Talking to Geo.tv, Bilal said he can’t express how he feels after saving a human life.

“Saving his life was an award for me,” he said.

Meanwhile, the local police announced to award Bilal for his immediate help in saving a citizen’s life. The award ceremony will take place on May 9 at Livermore City Council. Bilal is also being praised by netizens for his actions.

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