Inspiring example of interfaith harmony at Khyber Pakhtunkhuwah.

Sikh merchants providing relief during Ramadhan to attain the blessings of the holy month.

Tirah Valley,

Sikh shopkeepers have been providing special relief in Ramazan and gain the blessings of Ramadhan, they also have been upholding the unique tradition during Ramadhan, reported News broadcaster.

Against all odds, Sikh merchants and shopkeepers go for sale for the faithful’s and made an addition of dates to the list of non-profit items.

A local merchant said they too earn the blessing of this holy month. Meanwhile on other side Muslim merchants went on a money-making business tactics every year during Ramadhan.

The authorities also announced the Ramadhan relief package but the subsidized staff fail to meet quality products. Local administrations forms special teams to crack down on profiteers and hoarders but to no avail.

Reportedly, the KP Sikh community keeps alive the old tradition of preparing iftar for Muslims observing the fast.

A Muslim said the Sikhs community of Peshawar has been doing this every year for a long time moreover a volunteer said this is how they find inner peace. Sikh children take part in arrangements. This is such an inspiring example of interfaith harmony.

A video clip from Tirah valley also update on the social media handle by the user in which visible a Sikh distributes Iftar goods among the believers.

Another update on social media handle with a message that Sikh’s of Tirah Valley distributes Ramadhan package.

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