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ICNA Relief Iftar Dinner for the Bronx fire victims.

This money is not a cure for the victims griefs but a small gift from ICNA.

New York,

ICNA Relief organizes an Iftar Dinner for the victims of a Bronx fire in a high-rise residential building. The fire has wreaked havoc, killing 19 people and displaced several families, most of them were Ghanaian Muslims. Thousands of dollars checks were distributed in relief and Eid gifts among the children.Director Arshad Jamal of ICNA Relief North East, attended the occasion while local mosque Imam were also present and said every effort was being made to resolve the victim’s problems in the month of Ramadhan. This money is not a cure for the griefs of the victims but a small gift from us.ICNA Sister Wing Yonkers Women also attended the Iftar Dinner and brought a tray of fruits and distributes Eid gifts to the children with their own hands.The ICNA Sister Wing woman has said, children are everyone’s companions. Our Muslim brothers and sisters were affected by this incident. It is our duty to stand by them in their difficult times and hardships.Earlier, addressing the victims, Arshad Jamal said that ICNA Relief has been with you since day one and we are still there today.We have helped everyone, regardless of race, color or creed. Lums and Islamic Center of Long Island have also cooperated with us in this Iftar dinner and toys distributions. He also thanked Shabir Ahmed Gul, in-charge of ICNA Relief Bronx, who was present with the victims from the beginning till today.


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