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New York Mayor Eric Adam’s celebrates Iftar dinner.

We were with the Muslim community and the real Change cannot be brought without acknowledging the truth, says Eric Adam.

New York,

We should be prepare for any situation and we must face the problems together while issues cannot be solved until unless we face them. The real Change cannot be brought without acknowledging the truth these are the words of New York Mayor Eric Adams celebrating blessed Iftar dinner with Muslims during Ramadan.

Muslim communities and religious scholars attended the Iftar Dinner. Eric Adam added that forgetting the hatred against oneself is one of the best abilities of human beings.On the occasion, the New York mayor said, I want to send a message to the New York where communities resided side by side,

“We were with the Muslim community in 2001 when a young man was tortured for being a Muslim,” and  “We also stood by the Muslim community even as voices were being raised against the hijab of Muslim women”, said Adams.

“We stand with the Muslim community so that prejudice against Muslims can be eliminated and that members of the Muslim community can enjoy the same freedom as other citizens,” he added.

The Muslims attended the Iftar dinner also offers prayers in congregations and supplication’s for peace.

The  NYC Mayor’s office also update the moments of Iftar dinner on its social media handle.



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