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3rd Alarm Fire at East 9th Street & Avenue C, Brooklyn.

Fire engulf in a multi-story private dwelling with extention to adjoining buildings, 7 injured rushed to hospital.


A fire broke out in a house of the residential area located at East 9th street on Cortelio Road, Brooklyn, New York last night, engulfing the entire house in a fraction of seconds and also ablaze nearby homes.

New York Fire Department (NYFD) personnel rushed to the scene as the fire was reported and started the rescue operation, but by then the fire had engulfed the adjoining house.

According to the FDNY authorities, the victims were able to vacate the house on time so they were safe and no one was in critical condition. Seven people were injured in the blaze and were rushed to a nearby hospital

Fire department personnel have contained the blaze, but both houses have been turning to ashes due to the heavy blaze.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, and authorities investigating.

Netziens also share the video clips of East 9th street house fire on their social media handle.

Another video clip of 374 East 9th street on social media handle shared by New York Rescue Response Team NYRRT

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