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Brooklyn Muslim community gathers for Iftar at Borough office.

It was an honor and this is the beginning of our endeavor for community, says Antonio Reynoso.. 

New York,

The Brooklyn Borough office organizes an blessed Iftar dinner. The event attended by US officials, Senior Advisor to New York Mayor, Ahsan Chughtai, Consul General of Pakistan in New York, Ayesha Ali, Muslim Police Officers of the New York Police Department (NYPD), APNA Community Center, Pakistani American Skilled Women’s Organization (PASWO), Pakistani American Youth Society (PAYS), Members of other Muslim social welfare organizations including team members of the Council of People’s Organization (COPO)The ceremony begins with recitation of Holy Quran, Deputy Public Advocate Kashif Hussain administered the Iftar dinner. President Antonio Reynoso of Brooklyn Borough welcome the participants and said

it was an honor, the entire Brooklyn Muslim community gathered here, This is the beginning of our endeavor for community.

Senior Adviser to the Mayor Eric Adam, Ahsan Chughtai, and Public Advocate, Jumaane Williams, has said “Antonio Reynoso has the best personality and a source of pride for us. It is admirable for the Muslim community to gather here under one roof. All Muslim communities should move forward together,” he added.Bangladeshi-born Consul Women Shahana Hanif and Borough President Imam Abdul Aziz said, today where ever we are it takes years of hard work. It is not an easy task or a single day process of progress.At last, the participants awarded gifts through balloting while the organizers and volunteers of the several Muslim organizations were also awarded citations in recognition of their valuable services.

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