Jemima reacts on PML-N protest calls outside her house.

It's almost like I'm back in 90s Lahore," Jemima Goldsmith tweeted with #PuranaPakistan.


Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) top leader and former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife Jemima Goldsmith shared her horror of living in Pakistan as she shared the poster of a protest being planned outside her London house on April 17 (Sunday).

“Protest outside my house, targeting my children, anti-Semitic abuse on social media… It’s almost like I’m back in 90s Lahore,” Jemima Goldsmith tweeted with #PuranaPakistan, in her first social media reaction after the ouster of Imran Khan through the no-confidence vote in the National Assembly.

Imran Khan was married to Jemima Goldsmith in 1995 which lasted to 2004 and they have two children both were boys. Following her divorce, she left Pakistan and settled in London. In several interviews, Jemima revealed how she was subjected to anti-Semitic attacks for decades.

In a bitter social media exchange last year, Jemima had said, “I left Pakistan in 2004 after a decade of anti-Semitic attacks by the media & politicians. But still it continues.”

Meanwhile, Abid Sher Ali share an update on his social media handle that PML-N decides to protest outside the house of Jemima Goldsmith, first wife of Imran Khan on Sunday.

The UK government, however, distanced itself from its foreign office minister’s statement and said it is not the position of the UK government. “With regard to Pakistan, we respect Pakistan’s democratic system and we would not get into its domestic political affairs. We have longstanding ties with Pakistan and are monitoring developments,” a spokesperson of the government said.



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