PTI Westchester USA organizes a rally in Imran Khan solidarity.

The political crisis in Pakistan need to an end says Nadir Sayegh.

West Chester,

Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf(PTI) stages a demonstration all around the world. New York Assembly man Nadir Sayegh attended the demonstrations, organized by a PTI Westchester to show solidarity with Imran Khan. The rally reached to the Yonkers from different routes, while talking with the media Nadir Sayegh said,

“The ongoing political crisis in Pakistan must need to an end and new elections will be held soon”.

The meeting was attended by a large number of Imran Khan Supporters, PTI officials and workers from the Pakistani-American community. Participants held several flags of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and PTI party flags.

Rally Organizer and demonstrators Shahid Sindhu, Mustafa and others condemned the Punjab Assembly incident and said our protest is not against any political party but against the system. If people does not support Imran Khan in this political crisis, then no leader in Pakistan will stand up for the people.Participants also expressed solidarity by carrying various placards with Imran Khan’s picture. While PTI workers added that, Imran Khan raise voice for Kashmir issue and Islamophobia on international forums is unprecedented and that is why Imran Khan’s government was overthrown through foreign conspiracy.PTI officials appreciated the efforts of organizing team members Moin Chaudhry, Mudassar, Ali, Mustafa, Wasim, Shaukat and Omar for arranges excellent rallies and demonstrations. The demonstrators added that they stand with Imran Khan and he will be re-elected as a Prime Minister of Pakistan again very soon.

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