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PTI Dallas show solidarity with Imran Khan.

The demonstrators vows to make him Prime Minister again and this demonstrations is not our first or last.


Demonstrations stage in different cities of the world to show solidarity with Imran Khan, while PTI supporters are also demonstrating in the US city of Dallas.A large number of women and men from different walks of life including PTI workers and supporters come on streets. Demonstrator holds Pakistan and PTI flags and chanted slogans in favor of Imran Khan.The demonstrator has said,

“We reject the new government formed through alleged foreign interference and conspiracy. The people who come in Power after the ouster of Imran Khan, have done nothing in the past for the country but have only enjoyed power”.

The demonstrators were determined and said, this was not their first and last demonstrations. They will make their leader Imran Khan as a Prime Minister again and will stand with him.

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