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The Pakistani-American Youth optimistic and determined for the re-elect of Imran Khan.

Its un-acceptable for an elected government to trade the conscience of the Assembly members says PTI supporters gathers at Times Squares in NY.

New York,

The supporter of Imran Khan is enthusiastic, determined and optimistic to re-elect their leader as Prime Minister of Pakistan and for this young Pakistani-Americans gathers at Times Square in New York to express solidarity with Imran Khan and assured their Leader they would stand with him.Samina Haider, Azhar, Shehryar, Moby and Ali Khayyam Shakir organized the demonstration which was attended by a large number of Pakistani-American youth. The event began with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an.Demonstrators waves green crescent flag, party flags and uphold banners placards to express their opinions against the new government. ┬áPTI supporters said that the Pakistani nation has never had such an independent leader like Imran Khan while he is the hope and voice of every Pakistani youth and will be re-elected Prime Minister by a huge majority than before.Demonstrators added there was planned horse trading in the Senate elections but it was not acceptable for an elected government to trade the ethics of the Assembly members. We noticed the foreign intervention in this whole process.At last, Iftar was arranged for the demonstrators and offered prayers in congregation.

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