No-confidence motion against Imran Khan is unconstitutional says demonstrators.

The demonstrators demanded from Pakistan's judiciary to take notice on this horse traded no-confidence motion.


Pakistanis all over the world demonstrates against the Imran Khan’s ouster due to foreign intervention and we would not remain silent this was chanted by a demonstrators stage a demonstrations in front of Pakistani embassy in Berlin.Pakistani community businessmen Tariq Javed organize demonstrations in solidarity with Imran Khan and against his ouster through a no-confidence motion by opposition parties.

The demonstration was attended by a large number of women, men, children, elders and PTI workers from the Pakistani community. Participants hold Pakistani and PTI flags and rejected the new government after the no-confidence motion.The demonstrations was also staged in front of US embassy in Berlin against US intervention in Pakistan’s politics and alleged conspiracy.

The opposition’s horse trading for no-confidence motion is unconstitutional and illegal. The demonstrators demanded from the judiciary of Pakistan to take notice on this matter.

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