PTI Virginia demonstrates in front of Pakistani embassy, Washington

International imperialism formed a government of thieves and looters says demonstrators.


The PTI Virginia President Johnny Bashir organizes demonstrations in front of the Pakistani embassy, Washington to express solidarity against the overthrown of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government through a no-confidence motion.  The demonstration attended by a large number of Pakistani Community including youth, men, women and senior citizens. Participants hold banners and placards, including Pakistan and party flags.

The demonstrators chant they stand with Imran Khan and said

“He did not argue why he was expelled but the world notice he’s ousted through conspiracy. We reject such forger’s government”.

Most of the demonstrators were dressed in green crescent flags and PTI party flags.

“Participants added there is no better leader than Imran Khan”.

A good and sincere leader has come forward to serve Pakistan and International imperialism noticed, in retaliation they topple Imran Khan Government and formed a government of thieves and looters and imposed it on PTI Government demonstrators added.The demonstrators added that they made Imran Khan and PTI successful in the 2018 elections and we still stands with our leader.  We will make Imran Khan prime minister again with more enthusiasm than before in next elections.

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