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Kevin Shakeel’s Support is beneficial for Muslim Community says Mujeeb Lodhi.

No one can solve Muslim community problems better than me, Kevin.

New York,

Editor-in-Chief of the weekly Pakistan News host an Iftar dinner at his house. The guest of honor is the young Muslim Congress candidate Kevin Shakeel from Long Island; he is the son of Shakeel Sheikh, a renowned businessman from Pakistani-American community.    The ceremony begins with recitation from Holy Quran followed by Naat for the last of Prophets Muhammad Peace be upon Him.While, addressing the event, Mujeeb Lodhi said,

we should fully support our young generation. We will have a collective benefit from the support of Kevin Shakeel in the election.

Kevin Shakeel said on the occasion that this is the first time that a candidate from your (Muslim) community has come forward and being a Muslim no one can solve your problems better than me. Pakistan’s Consul General in New York Ayesha Ali thanked Mujeeb Lodhi for arranging the delicious Iftar dinner and said the main purpose of attending the function is to support congressional candidate Kevin Shakeel.

Participants in the event said, Kevin Shakeel will absolutely be the best for the Muslim community. We will do our best to make our young candidate successful.

At last, Congressional candidate and guest of honor Kevin Shakeel thanked the host Mujib Lodhi for inviting him and arrange a remarkable Iftar dinner.

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