Solidarity with Pakistan and demonstrations In support of Imran Khan

New Jersey,

PTI chairman Imran Khan Calls for the nationwide demonstrations while an overseas chapter also demonstrates against overthrown of PTI government.A large number of Pakistani-Americans demonstrated in New Jersey in support of Imran Khan ousted after the vote of no confidence on Saturday April 9.PTI New Jersey demonstrates under the leadership of USA General Secretary Sam Khan.The existence of Imran Khan is necessary for the development of Pakistan, Sam Khan added.

PTI New Jersey President Naveed Waraich and USA President Munir Khattana said that Imran Khan was the only hope for the solutions of the entire problems of the Pakistan.Earlier, PTI chairman Imran Khan during his primer ship was criticizing the US and its policies and called unfaithful. He also called USA interfering in the Pakistan political process and backing the overthrown of his government. He used the term “imported government” to refer to the opposition government

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