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PALS awareness camp for Pakistani-Americans recruitments in NYPD.

To ensure the safety of all lives is the priority of NYPD, Captain Kantish.


A Pakistani American Law Enforcement Society (PALS) has launched an awareness campaign and camp was set up at the Madani Mosque located in Bronx, New York. A million $ question  arise in the minds of many young Pakistani Americans is, How to join the New York Police!And for the answer of this question, A large number of youths participated in PALS awareness camp and gets information from the NY police officers.

President of the PALS, Detective Rohail Khalid, briefed the commanding officer and other police personnel about the awareness camp.

Ahmed Jan, a business and social figure of the Pakistani community, briefed the Bronx commanding officer, Captain Kantish, on the youth’s interest to join the police force.

Captain Kantish said that it has always been our endeavor and priority to ensure the safety of all lives.

A large number of participants of the awareness camp sign-up recruitment forms for NYPD.While, addressing the audience, Detective Rohail Khalid and community leader Amjad Jan said Many Muslims holds senior positions in the NYPD, and young Pakistanis will also wants to join the NYPD.

The age limit for joining the NYPD is 35 years, but there is no age limit for traffic police and school safety guards.

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