Annual Fruit and vegetable festival culminates in Berlin.

These festival helps small business owners to access their products in the global market, Pakistani exporters.


The economic activities are being restored after two-years of black out of commerce and business due to Pandemic. Some 2,000 exhibitors, 30,000 business people from more than 80 countries attended the Annual Fruit Festival. The mangoes, oranges, dates, different types of vegetables and fruits stalls were set up by Pakistani companies jointly.The three-day World Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition in German capital Berlin has come to an end. Different types of Pakistani fruits and vegetables became the center of attention. President Chaudhry Shoaib Ahmed of Sargodha Chamber of Commerce, NASA International’s Wajehuddin Shayed and JMB exporter Zaheer Ahmed said that it was a good gesture Pakistan participates and offer few items in this exhibition. Hopefully next year we will fully participate in the festival. This type of festival will help small business owners to access their products in the global market.High tech based latest machinery was also introduced in the festival for production to packing after go through from certain stages.According to Pakistani exporters, Russia-Ukraine war hampers the business while Pakistani businesses had to bear the brunt of recalling exported containers of Orange and potatoes, but in the new season of Orange, they had to take the by road route for their exports to Russia and Ukraine.

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