Afghan father who named son as Donald Trump hoping to go to U.S.

KABUL – An Afghan father who named his son as Donald Trump is now hoping that President Donald Trump would allow him and his children to move to U.S. because he may face some repercussion in his country for his decision.

Many Afghan commentators on social media speculated that Sayed Assadullah Pooya may have named his son after U.S. President to win an American nationality or permanent stay in the U.S.

The rosy-cheeked toddler’s father who comes from a rich family and who claimed to be a fan of U.S. President Donald Trump is facing criticism from his own family members for naming his son as Donald Trump.

Sayed Assadullah Pooya claimed that he and his wife have been facing “vulgar and insulting” comments attacking their choice of name for their third child. The family has now shifted to a Kabul apartment and is gaining popularity in the world media.

According to a report some Facebook users have gone as far as threatening to kill Sayed  for giving his son an “infidel name,” while others have accused him of endangering the boy’s life. There are even suggestions Sayed is using the son to get asylum in the United States — a charge Asyed vehemently denies.

Sayed Assadullah Pooya who lives in a heavily Shiite area of Kabul has complained that he has been under constant threat. “When I go out of the house I feel intimidated,” he was quoted as saying. The Afghan Donald was born in the central province of Daikundi a few months before the 2016 U.S. presidential election, on the farm where Sayed’s parents and grandparents grew almonds, wheat and corn.

Sayed was inspired to call his son Donald Trump after reading the Persian-language versions of the businessman’s books, including “How to Get Rich,” which he borrowed from the library.
“I did a lot of research about him, and that motivated me to choose his name for my son,” he explained. He hopes his son will “be as successful,” adding that photos of the older Trump already make his younger namesake “happy.”

While Sayed is worried about his family’s safety, particularly Donald’s, he remains stubbornly unrepentant. “It’s likely … that he will be harassed or beaten by his classmates,” he said matter-of-fact is that “I won’t reconsider (his name). To hell with the other people.”


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