Communal violence in Karauli, India leaves 35 Muslims injured.

46 arrested and seven others detained for interrogation after bike rally provocative slogans and Hindutva songs.


35 people were injured in the clashes broke out in Karauli city of Rajistan, local police said. Hindu activists set fire the houses, shops and other properties of Muslims, according to “The News” international desk.

The anti-Muslim violence broke out following a bike rally by Hindu extremist groups to celebrate the start of new Hindu year in a Muslim-dominated locality in Karauli. The rally participants shouted provocative slogans and played Hindutva songs inciting violence against Muslims.

Moreover, the participants pelted stones on the houses in the locality, later burning the shops and vehicles of the residents to the ground. A series of videos surfaced on social media handle that participants in the rally chanting Anti-Muslim slogans.

Netziens posted an update on social media Handle, several houses set to flames on a street and the Police is passer by.

A picture of Constable Netresh Sharma was also surfaced on social media handle. Netresh save the lives of 4 peoples including an infant covered in a sheet, while his act of courage leads to his promotion to Head Constable.

After the incident, Rajistan Chief Minister declared an state of emergency in the state and impose curfew in the area from 6:30pm on April 2 to 12am on April 4 and suspended the internet service. Meanwhile, 46 people were arrested and seven others were detained for interrogation following the incident.

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