Mother punishes son severely for drug addiction.

She rubs hot chilli powder to 15 year old son eyes after tied to a pole, boy screamed by burning sensation.


According to Zee News, A woman in Hyderabad, India, was punish her son by rubbing hot chilli powder for drugs addiction.

A video posted on social media handle, 15-year-old was first tied to a pole to prevent from running away. Reportedly, he was being punished for his cannabis locally known as ganja addiction.

The video surfaced on Monday and now has more than 10,000 views.

Another woman can be seen holding the boy’s hands so that the mother could rub the chilli on his eyes.

With the chilli’s burning sensation, the boy screamed. Some neighbors could be heard asking the mother to pour water her son’s face.

After a while mother untied the boy after he promised to give up his drug addiction, Zee News reported.

Netizens reacted to the video, and wrote,

“This treatment can have a negative impact. Best is, friendly with your children and keep eye on them. Teenage is very critical time. They always think bad friends are best for them and parents are enemy”.

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