Sarah Palin contest for Alaska’s US House seat.

She was the vice-presidential candidate in 2008


“America is at a tipping point,” Sarah Palin updated her social media handle while she also announces to contest for US house seat from Alaska. “As I’ve watched the far left destroy the country, I knew I had to step up and join the fight.”

“At this critical time in our nation’s history, we need leaders who will combat the left’s socialist, big-government, America-last agenda,” she added.

Palin’s was the vice-presidential candidate in 2008 and served as an instigator to the rise of Republican former President Donald Trump and the modern Republican Party.

Alaska’s House seat vacant after Republican Don Young died suddenly last month at age 88, he serves for more than four decades.

A website was also set up on Friday evening for Palin’s campaign ( The home page of the site displayed, “Sarah Palin is running for Congress!” and seeks donations.

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