Haramain Sharifain announces Ramadan observes on April 2nd.

While, GCC, US, Canada, Australia, African Nations, Russia, New Zealand also observes Ramadan on 2nd of April while Taraweeh Prayers perform on the night of 1st April.

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The new moon spotted on Friday evening and observers reported the sighting to religious authorities in Saudi Arabia. After approving the sighting, the Saudi Supreme Council announced Saturday will be the first day of the holy month.

The Haramain Sharifain shared the announcement of 1st Ramadhan as on Saturday 2nd April on its social media handles and said that Crescent of Ramadhan was seen on multiple locations of Saudi Arabia.

Ramadan is the ninth and holiest month of the Islamic or Hijri calendar. It is also believed to be the month of revelations of Quran to the Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him. Muslims seeks in this holy month to strengthen their faith through prayer and increased recitation of the Quran.

Saudi Arabia has eased Covid-19 restrictions for Ramadan and allows worshippers to attend the mosques at full capacity without any social-distancing after two years of Pandemic.

Meanwhile, Ramadan moon was also sighted on the different parts of the world like US, Canada, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Turkey, Gulf Cooperating Countries (GCC) some African Nations like Nigeria observes first day of Ramadan on 2nd of April while Taraweeh prayers was also performed on the evening of 1st of April2022.

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