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PACOLI and Quontic Bank reaffirms commitment for community collective development.

The seminar provides awareness on professional interaction and business development opportunities to the community professionals..

New York,

Pakistani American Community of Long Island (PACOLI) and Quontic Bank jointly organized a Business Networking Seminar and reaffirmed their commitment for continuation to contribute for the individual and collective development of the community.

The seminar held at a private hotel, attended by Pakistani-American and South Asian community well-known professionals from various walks of life, including real estate, mortgage and financing along with local community dignitaries and members.

The event administered by Ateeq Qadri, Abdul Rehman Rao of Quontic Bank and PACOLI’s Executive Committee played a special role in organizing the seminar.

Earlier, PACOLI chief Bashir Qamar fallen ill and attended the seminar exclusively after his health recovery.PACOLI President Azra Dar along with members of Executive Committee Salman Sheikh, Ejaz Al Hassan, Humayun Shabbir, Usman Abbas, Madiha Mustafa, Ayaz Siddiqui, Tanveer, Salman Zafar, Tahira Sharif, Dr. Ejaz Hussain and Asim Malik among others participated in the seminar.On the occasion, President Azra Dar thanked the sponsor Quontic Bank and said that the purpose of this seminar in New York is to create opportunities for promotion and development of mutual relations among the community professionals, we want our young generation to be successful in their fields.

PACOLI Senior Vice President Abdul Rehman and Senior Loan Officer, Quontic Bank, said on the occasion,

“I consider it was my duty to create networking opportunities for professionals of the community both men and women.”

Real Estate Attorney Sardar Asadullah and Attorney Sufiyan Pervez said that our office in Long Island New York provides all kinds of professional services. Such seminars will provide the opportunities to individual for the collective development of the community. We also provide all possible assistance to our clients and always strive to fulfill our client’s expectations.

On the occasion, Atiq Qadri said that PACOLI charity work is without any discrimination during Pandemic. There are many opportunities for development and success in the US. If we use different networking tactics we can better achieve our goals.This seminar provides us an opportunity to meet with old friends; we will try to organize such programs in future also Asim Malik, Salman Sheikh and Humayun Shabbir added.

Quontic Bank is considered one of the best banks in US and all major institutions have acknowledged their services.

The seminar provides awareness on professional interaction and business development opportunities. While this seminar is a unique endeavor, a very informative and useful for the community, Participants labelled.

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