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New York close church change into Mosque.

The spiritual joy and satisfaction we got for the mosque is indescribable, repairs and renovation work is FOC from us, says worshipers.


Muslims in the US have bought an old church on Beth Avenue in the Brooklyn area of ​​New York and convert building into a mosque. After paying $8.25 million the building was taken over and the worshipers entered. The name has been changed to Bait-al-Karam, and for the first time call to prayer was given. Custodian of Baitul karam Mosque Syed Mir Hussain Chishti Nizami has said, Masjid Baitul Karam was located in a rented building but by the grace of Allah and with the financial support of all of you, we have purchased the Brooklyn New York Mosque for $8.25 million and today we are entering this church building.   We are grateful to the brothers who contributed with us. We purchase this property without any bank partnership and interest. Some friends have given us a loan which is $165 million. Inshallah, we will return this loan in a year. There are some renovation works on the ground floor and in the basement to enter this mosque. Our friends have promised to repair it free of cost.I have strong trust on Allah and the people that they will continue to support us financially in the future as did in the past so that we can completely renovate this place.

On the occasion, the worshipers said that the spiritual joy and satisfaction they got after getting the church building for the mosque is indescribable.Many community members have promised to complete necessary repairs and renovations free of cost.At last the worshipers recited Durood and Salam and prayed for the Islam and Muslims.

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