WAFAA Awards Distribution and Annual Dinner at New Jersey’s hotel.

The event collaborated with Muslim American Law Enforcement Association New Jersey.

New Jersey,

The Egyptian women’s organization, Women and Family Ascending Association (WAFAA) and Muslim American Law Enforcement Association jointly host the annual dinner at New Jersey hotel featured Egyptian colors and dance.

Assembly Women Shama Haider, Sadaf Jaffer, Muslim American Law Enforcement Association New Jersey and a large number of people from the communities also attended the dinner.

WAFAA’s Founder Saad Joe highlights the organization efforts and address several issues, including improving the relationships of women, children and family, and emphasizing its effectiveness in the society.

“Our goal is to reach the doorsteps of everyone who needs us,” Saad added.

Assemblywomen Shama Haider, Sadaf Jaffer and others praised WAFAA’s humanitarian services.

Assemblywomen also appreciate the tireless efforts of New Jersey local community Muslim American Law Enforcement Association’s for the improvement and integrated relations among the communities.

President and founder Kamil Warraich, of Muslim American Law Enforcement Association has said at this joint ceremony the participation of so many peoples is an acknowledgment of the services of Muslims in American development.

Muslim-American Law Enforcement Association Awarded Chief of Detective Jason Love of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. While WAFAA also awarded to Assembly Women and others for their services to the community.

The purpose of the WAFAA annual dinner was to bring people together under one roof, where people of all races and nationalities were gathered. Such events play a key role in creating harmony in different communities.

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