Sandhu louds for India Hijab ban.

"Let them live the way they choose to", 22 years Miss Universe said for Hijab


India Hijab Bans has drawn the rights activists attention across the globe, Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu has come up for the rights of Hijabi girls.

The Print reported, during a question and answer session Sandhu appealed to the Indian society and right-wing Hindu groups to stop targeting girls, including Muslim girls who choose hijab.

“Let them live the way they choose to,” the 22-year-old beauty queen said.

Social Media users widely shared a clip of Sandhu answering a reporter’s question on the issue of the hijab.

“Honestly, why do you always target girls? Even now you are targeting me. Like, even on the issue of hijab the girls are being targeted. Let them (girls) live the way they choose to, let her reach her destination, let her fly, those are her wings, don’t cut them, if you must (cut someone’s wings) cut your own,” Sandhu said.

Earlier, Karnataka High Court dismissed petitions on March 15, seeking to allow wearing hijab inside classrooms after anti-hijab protests from right-wing Hindu groups escalated in the state.

“The hijab is not an essential religious practice,” the Karnataka High Court ruled as it backed a ban on wearing hijab in classrooms.

“The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to accord urgent hearing on the pleas challenging the Karnataka High Court verdict,” the report said.

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