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The New York State Senate and Assembly adopts resolution of Pakistan Day.

The green crescent flag hoisted while this resolution adoption is the gift to Pakistani-American community says US officials.

New York,

The New York State Senate and Assembly has adopted resolution of Pakistan Day for the first time. Pakistan Resolution Day will now be celebrated every year in the State and Senate as Pakistan Day.Assembly member Nader Sayegh gives a reception to American Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG) team in the Assembly building. A large number of elected representatives were present while New York Consul General Ayesha Ali,  Assembly member David Weprin, Jennifer Rajkumar, Jeffrion Aubry, Nily Rozic, Gina Sillitti, Tom Abinanti and Senator Kevin Parker were the distinguish guests. The green crescent flag of Pakistan was also hoisted on the Assembly.Senator Kevin Parker presented Pakistan Day Citations to the APAG team in the presence of fellow Senators and said, the adoption of the Pakistan Day resolution in the assembly is a gift from us to the Pakistani-American community. APAG Pakistani youth organization, played a key role for resolution adoption.President APAG, Ali Rasheed, said that adoption of the resolution by the New York Assembly and Senate is a source of pride for the community.The New York Assembly members praised the APAG services, Chairman Ali Rasheed and Board Members on the Assembly floor. Members also paid tribute to the APAG team and Pakistani community.

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