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Rare birth with one eye but boy passes away after hours.

A congenital deformity that occurred due to usage of prohibited weapons, says medical officials


A one-eyed baby boy was born in Al Bayda province of Yemen, but could not survive as he passed away on Wednesday an extra ordinary event that gains global attention.

Yemeni journalist Karim Zarai tweet the pictures which soon went viral. In the pictures, the newborn can be seen lying in an incubator.

The baby was pictured at the Al Bayda governorate with one eye socket and a single optical nerve. Zarai called it a very rare case that was ‘known in Greek mythology’.

According to medical officials, Hussein al-Abbasi took his wife Zahra al-Abbasi to Al-Hilal maternity hospital in Radaa for the delivery.

Official recognized this case a congenital deformity that occurred due to usage of ‘prohibited weapons’ in various Yemeni areas.

The official added there are birth defects that have occurred to newborns in several Yemeni areas. The official also mentioned that such birth defects have nothing to do with genetics as Zahra gave birth to healthy children.

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