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APPAC remembrance of Pakistan Resolution Day in New Jersey.

Wonderland Northlands collaborated on the event and fascinates the audience with sky hi mountains, water falls and Pakistan Railway Train.

New Jersey,

APPAC in collaboration with Wonderland Northlands organized an event in New Jersey on remembrance of March 23 and highlight the colors of Pakistan. The beauty of the sky high mountains and waterfalls represents Pakistan and fascinates the audience while, water streams, and Pakistan Railways Trains are also the center of attention. The chief guest of the program is Pakistani Council General in New York Ayesha Ali, Chairman APPAC Dr. Aijaz Ahmed, President Adnan Bukhari and board member Chaudhry Asad also present on the occasion. A large number of Pakistani community were present including men women and children’s. The ceremony begins with recitation of Holy Quran. American and Pakistani national anthems were performed and all together sang loud hymns. Renowned social figure Naheed Bhatti and Tariq Sohail administered the event.  New York, Pakistani Consul General Ayesha Ali said that APPAC and Chairman Dr. Aijaz Ahmed worked for the solidarity and we get the fruit in the form of such events.While, Chairman APPAC Dr. Aijaz Ahmed has said, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah emphasized on education, political consciousness and grooming of the youth. Dr. Aijaz Ahmed welcomed the guests. At last, APPAC present appreciation certificates, gifts and flowers to distinguished guests, including social figures and  media workers of NY and NJ.

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