Facebook has a Tiktok now

Meta has confirmed that this Tiktok account is real.

Web Desk:

Tiktok app is gaining popularity day by day and now social media giant Facebook has just launched on Tiktok, following in the footsteps of Instagram.

In other words, Meta’s companies are really making a home for themselves on a competitor platform.

Tiktok’s Facebook account is verified and has been followed by more than 23,000 people so far, while no post has been made on it.

Their bio simply reads, “We believe people can do more together, than alone,” accompanied by a link to the Facebook app on the Google Play store.

Meta has confirmed that this Tiktok account is real. The spokesperson said that the brands would reach out to the people who use their products and services through various channels.

Earlier, like Facebook, Instagram also created an account on Tiktok where tips on promoting and using reels are being shared.

However, the presence of Facebook on Tiktok is surprising because the company often considers this app with short videos as its main competitor.

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