Texas man wins $75K lawsuits over illegal Robocalls

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Robo Calls and ad calls abound in the US and Europe. Every month Americans are bombarded by billions of anonymous robo calls, some in violation of federal laws that forbid contacting individuals who have registered their phone numbers in the National Do Not Call Registry.

Fed up with them, an American man has tracked down all the establishments, sued call centers and has now won $75,000 in damages.

Dan Graham, an Austin resident, was also annoyed by the anonymous calls usually made for advertising and services and decided to leverage this distinction to fight back in court against illicit robocallers to the tune of thousands of dollars, according to a report from KXAN’s Arezow Doost.

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Dan Graham, a financial accountant entered his number in the US database “Donut Call Registry”. But the companies complained that despite this, they made a lot of phone calls to Dan and in one day they started receiving ten calls and in one day they received 25 calls.

“I probably get, in any given day, 10 [calls] on average,” Graham told Doost. “I counted one day…I got 24 that day.”

Hoping to cut down on the noise, Graham listed his number on the National Do Not Call Registry.

When the calls persisted, he contacted the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission and filed complaints. Advertising of contact numbers on donut call log numbers is prohibited by US law. By law, written permission is required before making phone calls to these numbers.

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As a result, Graham has filed 50 lawsuits in small business court seeking redress over illegal robo-dialing. At first he failed, but eventually, he began to win decisions that resulted in thousands of dollars in penalties for the offending companies. So far, he has won 75,000.

He also advises other people concerned about anonymous phone calls to take legal action against these companies.

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