Group of investors bought a Caribbean island to start their own country.

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According to Deseret News, the idea of owning a tropical island may seem unachievable but this group of travelers made it happen by purchasing Coffee Caye, making it the world’s first crowd funded island. A group of 80 investors came together to buy an island which is a short boat ride from Belize City.

Mayer is the co-founder of a project called Let’s Buy an Island, started in 2018 with the goal of purchasing an island. “Who wouldn’t want to buy an island?” said Marshall Mayer, per CNN Travel.

Photo Courtesy: Richard Collett/CNN

In 2019, this group of investors raised over $250,000, enough to buy the Coffee Caye island. A short boat ride from Belize City, the uninhabited 1.2-acre island is almost shaped like a coffee bean, with a small beach on one side and scrub and mangroves on the other.

Officially named the Principality of Islandia, with a national flag, this country has hundreds of online citizens, while novelty passports are incoming.

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