First Hijabi Muslim wins Landslide in Connecticut.

Connecticut is the richest state of US in terms of per capita income, huge money spent on human resource development.


Landslide victory of Democratic Party in a stronghold Connecticut, a veiled Muslim woman, Maryam Khan, won in the by-election to District Five of Connecticut Assembly seat. She also took oath after being elected a member of the House.  Her parents and other family members also reached the assembly after heard the news, Maryam Khan of the Democratic Party got 74.6% of the vote. Her term expires in January 2023.Maryam will have to launch a new campaign for the upcoming November elections this year. She is very active in community welfare work and energetically involved in ICNA Relief educational activities. She is also the head of the school board.Connecticut is the richest state in the United States in terms of per capita income, with huge sums of money spent on human resource development.

The Democratic Party holds all five seats in the state, Governor, both Senators and the House of Representatives. This constituency of the State Assembly consists of the capital Hartford and its suburb of Windsor.The proportion of blacks living here is 55%. Democratic candidate Brandon McGee has been elected to this seat since 2012. He was recently appointed by the governor as his adviser, leaving the seat vacant.

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