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US Immigrant community raises funds for war torn Ukraine.

New York,

A Pakistani-American social activist, Mohammad Rizvi, and his organization, the Council of People’s Organization (COPO), have started collect donations in their office for Ukrainian citizens to prevent them from humanitarian tragedy. A meeting was held at the COPO office on Sunday, a true reflection of Interfaith Harmony noticed, representatives of Pakistani Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Ukrainian community including American Official Councilwoman Farah Louis, Rita Joseph and Councilman Ari Kagan attended.The situation in Ukraine was discussed at the meeting. Participants said that the people of Ukraine are suffering and a human tragedy is fermenting with every passing day.

In this situation, we must help them as much as possible. The participants also decided collect food, warm clothing, medicine and necessary medical equipment for the people of Ukraine and deliver it to them as soon as possible.While, a zoom meeting was held with the Ukrainian Parliament Member, he briefed the participants on the latest developments in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and other cities.

Head of COPO, Mohammad Rizvi, appealed to the entire Pakistani-American community to submit their donations to our office for the war torn areas and join us in humanitarian mission to Ukraine.

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