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NYPD Muslim Officers Society general Membership Meeting.

NYPD, MOS is a positive face of Muslims in America, Muslim chaplain Imam Tahir.

New York,

The General Membership Meeting of the Muslim Officers Society of the New York Police Department was held. President, Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana, Vice President Capt. Waheed Akhtar along with Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian Muslim officers besides a large number of community members attended.The meeting began with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by the US National Anthem.The Muslim chaplain of the New York Police, Imam Tahir, spoke about the Muslim Officers Society and its purpose and shed light on Islamic teachings.

Muslim Officer Society is a positive face of Muslims in America, added Imam Tahir.

President Muslim Officers Society, Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana was invited on stage, he introduced and welcomed the distinguished guests. People of different nationalities including Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshis were present under one roof in the ceremony.President of MOS, Adeel Rana, invited the board members and appreciated the performance of all the members.

Adeel Rana invited Deputy Commissioner Edward Caban to address the gathering. He thanked Adeel Rana and said it’s important to appreciate peoples who help the community and encourage others to do the same.

New York belongs to everyone and we all belong to New York.

Speakers also thanked the people for their co-operation.

The Vice President of Muslim Officers Society, Captain Waheed Akhtar invited on the stage and said,

“I belong to a police family, and the purpose of joining the force was to protect the people”.

Other speakers said that the members of the Muslim Officers Society are devoted officers. These officers always ready to protect and help people of all languages, cultures and colors. It is very important to hold such events for the continuity to community relations.At last, President Muslim Officers Society, Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana and Vice President, Capt. Waheed Akhtar thanked the participants.

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