This iOS app can actually blow out birthday candles

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Have you ever wished that there was an app that could help you blows out your birthday candles without having to get up and do it yourself? Well, you might be surprised to hear this, but it actually exists.

Blower is an iOS app available on app store that uses secret hardware features of your iOS device to let you blow air out of your speakers hard enough to blow out a candle.

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While it may sound like a gimmick, it actually works. And a You Tuber has made a video to explain how exactly the app turns your iOS device into a blower.

YouTube channel The Action Lab did a deep dive on the Blower app to show how it works. In a detailed video, the channel found that the app utilizes an iOS device’s speaker to create enough air movement to blow out a candle.

Contrary to the app’s claims, there isn’t any secret hardware on your iOS device that is designed to blow air. However, the app does take advantage of your device’s speaker in a pretty unique way.

The Action Lab channel explains how sound waves are essentially a manipulation of air that causes noise. The Blower app is able to create enough air movement using your device’s speaker. It has enough power to blow out the candle.

Photo Courtesy: Screen Grab

Now, looking at the example in The Action Lab’s video, it’s pretty obvious that the app isn’t really super powerful. In fact, the air is blown by the speaker actually looks like it’s barely enough to blow out the candle in front of it.

Still, it’s a pretty interesting party trick, and something that most of us didn’t know was possible on our iOS devices.

This app is not available for free but it costs $1.99. Even so, it ranks eighth on the Apple Store in the category of entertainment apps. Apart from iPhone, it is also available for iPad and iPod. However, it only supports iOS / iPad OS 11.0 or later.

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