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Two Pakistani-Americans appointed in New York City Government.

Ahsan Chughtai appointed as Senior Advisor for NY Mayor and Omar Usman appointed as Personal Aide to Brooklyn Borough President.

New York,

A prominent socio-political figure of Pakistani-American community in New York, Ahsan Chughtai, met Mayor Eric Adams. Chughtai is one of the close and long old associates of Mayor for the past twenty years.

During the meeting Mayor Eric Adam decides his appointment as Senior Advisor to his office. Ahsan is the first Pakistani-American Muslim appointed on this post. He has taken the charge after confirmation of the appointment. Ahsan Chughtai thanked Mayor Adams for his trust and said he would do his best to meet his expectations.

On the other end, President, Brooklyn Borough, Antonio Reynoso, has appointed young and energetic Muslim Pakistani-American Omar Usman as his Personal Aide.

The Pakistani community celebrated the appointment of Ahsan Chugtai and Omer Usman in New York City government and cut the cake.

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