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Civic Engagement Commission NYC welcome’s Language Assistance Advisory Committee (LAAC).

Erum Hanif already working in LAAC for Urdu and Shahid Khan join committee recently.

New York,

Civic Engagement Commission NYC welcome’s Language Assistance Advisory Committee (LAAC). It is a charter-mandated advisory group that plays a vital role in developing and implementing the New York City Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) poll site language assistance program and advancing language justice.

LAAC members are functioning in different public, private and governmental institution. Its team consists on twenty one lingual experts and work on twenty different languages.

Ahyoung Kim is the Korean language expert and presently she is the Associate director of small business programs at the Asian American federation.

Asad Dandia is Urdu and Arabic lingual expert; he is student, writer and free-lancer. He I also work as Community program coordinator at the council on American-Islamic relations.

Allison Corbett is a French and English language expert. She currently serves as the director of Colibri Academy for HIV and language justice.

Carlos D. Sanchez is an outreach Spanish professional that supports a multilingual high school in New York City public school system.

Christelle N. Onwu is a former French CUP and ICLP fellow, Sifi certified and mid-level professional wit over ten years work experience.

David Arnov is a Russian language expert and a first generation American community activist and non-profit co-founder.

David Coloibaly is a also a French language expert and graduated from Notre Dame, he always seek to empower and engage African communities.

Debbie Louis is a Haitian Creole experts and completed her Masters in Industrial organizational psychology

Pakistani-American Erum Hanif is also the member of since the commencement of LAAC and represents Urdu language. She is the CEO and the board member of APNA Brooklyn community center and director strategy and contracting at APNA adult day care.

Jin Hyun Bai is a Korean language expert resided in queens. She also speaks two more languages while she is the special advisor for the programs and services department at Queens’s public library.

Joy London is the Russian and Yiddish language expert and the Associate General Counsel and director of International Department at the OSET institute.

Kujegi Camara is a Soninke expert while she works to strengthen community engagement between the university and and the surrounding neighborhood.

Lydia Li is Chinese Cantonese Mandarin multi lingual expert and experienced coordinator. She is working in government administration and professional educator.

Marie Lily Cerat is a Haiti Creole and French language expert. She has a Ph.D in urban education and a certificate in African studies.

Mariya Markh is a Russian language expert and she has worked in NYC government and politics for 16 years.

Muhammad Rawashdeh is an Arabic language expert and an Arab American community leader. He focuses in empowering the civic and cultural aspects of his community.

Samuel M Stern is a well-known activist for the orthodox Jewish community. He served as the chairman of the united Jewish organization.

Shahid Khan is Urdu language specialist and involved in education sector and community development for more than 25 years.

Somnath Ghimire is a Nepali, Bangla, Urdu Hindi multilingual professional. He has been involved in Democratic policies and campaigns.

Wai Yee Chan is a Chinese, Cantonese and Mandarin languages expert. She served as Asian American community for more than 20 years.

Tirtho Dutta is a Bangla expert and leads the project at NYC public engagements every day.

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