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Muslims demonstrates over Hijab Ban in front of Indian consulate, New York.

Islam orders to wear Hijab and religious freedom is our fundamental right, says Muslims.


Muslim march to the streets of Manhattan, New York and gather outside the Indian Consulate. Demonstrators show solidarity with Indian Muslims against the Muslims Hijab ban.Earlier, in Indian state of Karnataka impose Hijab ban on Muslim students in educational institutes.

The demonstrations was attended by children, men, women and scholars from different countries. Demonstrators held banners and placards with various slogans and demands justice against Hindu extremism and said that,

wearing hijab is not only our religious ordains but it is also a part of our culture and human fundamental right.

Demonstrators also added that Modi’s fascist government in India has narrowed the ground for Muslims and now the basic rights of Muslim women are being taken away by banning the hijab.

The women offered Asr prayers in front of the Indian Consulate during the demonstrations and call on international community to exert pressure on Modi government to provide basic rights and protect Muslims in India.

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