PTI USA’s preparations for Overseas Convention in Pakistan.

Overseas Pakistanis always stood by Pakistan, while millions always respond to Imran Khan says party functionaries..

New Jersey,

President, PTI New Jersey, Naveed Warraich, meet a party officials and workers at a local hotel for consultation and information on preparations for participation in the Overseas Convention to be held in Pakistan.While, addressing on the occasion, President PTI USA Munir Khatana and General Secretary Sam Khan said that millions of people always respond to Imran Khan. Overseas Pakistanis have always stood by Pakistan. Imran Khan’s decision to giving the right to vote to overseas Pakistani’s has strengthened the belief that all the problems will be solved.

President PTI USA Munir Khatana (right), General Secretary PTI USA Sam Khan (left)

The function was attended by a large number of party functionaries and workers. On the occasion, President PTI Maryland Waqar Khan and President PTI New Jersey Naveed Warraich said that for the first time since the Musharaf era, Pakistan’s GDP growth rate has reached to 6%. No matter how many opponents of PTI there are, there is no precedent for what Imran Khan has done.

President PTI Maryland Waqar Khan (right).

The participants of the press conference also presented various views and suggestions regarding the convention and further improvement of overseas chapter. The participants were informed that a committee has been formed for resolving the overseas issues and the positive effects will be coming in effect.

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