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USCIS and State department encourages wok visa for fiscal year 2022.

A lot of work visa available for this fiscal year in US says Jonathan Aftalion.

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United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) in corporation with State department issues an extra ordinary employment visas for skilled workers and professionals of Medicine, Education, arts etc., during the fiscal year of October 2021 till September 2022.

According to US Immigration attorney Jonathan Aftalion, Right now in US there is abundance of available work visa numbers. Employment visas currently issued by USCIS and state department for Professionals attempting to come to US with work visa. Peoples come to US with employment category; basically the government allocates the certain number of visas in the fiscal year from October 2021 till end of September 2022. A lot of work visa available for this fiscal year in US.

US Immigration Attorney Jonathan Aftalion. photo from Jonathan twitter

Last year due to corona virus USCIS limited the number of visas for work employment, for this fiscal year if peoples are priority worker or worker with special extra ordinary abilities. Rite now definitely it’s time to apply for work visa to come to US, because the USCIS is encouraging these peoples.

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