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Hampstead Town Board took local zoning regulations.

Governor Hochul's housing plan end while removal of legal status of EDUs and the proposal from the N.Y. State budget.

Nassau County,

Hampstead Supervisor, Don Clavin announced his victory and the end of Governor Kathy Hochul’s housing plan in a press conference held in front of Raheel Ahmed home. Raheel is a Pakistani community entrepreneur in Nassau County, Long Island, New York.

Dan also added that,

“I stand with local state, county and town officials who have strongly opposed the bill to convert residential homes into apartments. I am grateful to local residents and elected officials”.

More than 12,000 people signed the petition by Don Clavin and the Hampstead Town Board to take over the state’s local zoning regulations and remove the legal status of EDUs and the proposal from the New York State budget.

Changes to the New York State Housing Regulations barred suburban communities from converting to urban areas. This can affect population growth, pollution, water, electricity and sewerage systems and lack of facilities.Supervisor, Don Clavin added that Governor Hochul’s proposal was tantamount to an attack on our suburban standard of living on Long Island. And it is heart-warming to see that this proposal has been removed from the budget after pressure from us.

Don also vowed to continue to oppose such actions by the administration in the future.

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