U.S. Census Bureau 56th football champion competition 2022.

Census Bureau provides The Big Game Census interactive visualization to choose the team to support.


U.S. Census Bureau announces the 56th competition for a new football champion which will feature teams from California and Ohio. Players from 28 different states also participates in football competition.

U.S. Census Bureau provides The Big Game Census interactive visualization through this data points gives access to the players’ place of birth.

The visualization offers different ways to interact. If the team is not yet decided to support this Sunday, find a connection to state, college, or hometown that will help to decide.

Click on a city or state within the map to filter the table and highlight the bar chart to learn more about the birthplaces of the players in the big game.

According to US Census Bureau web portal, clicking on a team will filter to only players from that team. Select a player row from the table, to highlight the map, and/or toggle between players by state, or by college conference.

The corresponding hover-over boxes will provide more detailed information on the map and the table, including a clickable hyperlink redirected to a data.census.gov site for more information on various geographies.

Source: US Census Bureau.

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