Amir Liaquat tie knots with teenager social media star.

He's 52 while Dania is 18 years star from Danwaran, Lodhran & likes to share content on Social media.


Pakistani politician and TV host Aamir Liaquat third wedding news with an 18-year-old girl TikToker Syeda Dania Shah surfaces on Pakistani Media on Friday. ‘Haq Mehar’ for Dania Shah decided a total sum of Rs250,000.

Wedding ceremony of Aamir and Dania was organized on 5th of January 2022, however the secret wedding had been made public earlier by Dania’s grandfather.

TikToker Dania Shah likes to share consistent content on her TikTok handle and the youngster belongs from a Saraiki family. Moreover, Dania is a resident of Lodhran, South Punjab, belonging to a small locality known as Danwaran.

Soon after Aamir Liaquat confirmed his marriage to Dania Shah by sharing pictures from his wedding ceremony, the TikToker wife flaunt her relationship with the prominent public figure by capturing moments and then posting them on her social media handles.

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