Pakistani-American-Kashmiri community stage protest in a Unique way.

Millions of people witness the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.


Kashmir Solidarity day observed in United States of America, with a unique tactic to highlight the Indian atrocities to the world.Pakistani-American-Kashmiri community in US arranges more than three hundred digital marketing trucks and taxi’s to patrol across the streets of Washington, New York and Houston. These trucks and taxis exposed the ongoing Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir which were witnessed by millions of people.

Slogans associated to illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and atrocities committed by India have been displayed in solidarity with oppressed Kashmiris, on the trucks.The purpose of this Digital Marketing trucks and taxi’s to expose the Indian oppression to the World and reiterated the commitment to continue the Kashmir Independence struggle.

Moreover, World Kashmir Awareness Forum was also staged a protest outside the Indian consulate on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity day. Protestors held a placards, banners and chanted slogans against the Indian illegal occupation and oppression.

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