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The PTI stren­­gthen accoun­tability mechanism on Overseas chapters.

Central Disciplinary Committee resolves all internal party disputes.

New York,

The Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf-PTI has constituted a Central Disciplinary Committee (CDC) to strengthen Intra Party accountability and to resolve all internal disputes among PTI USA and all regional chapters.

President PTI USA Munir Khatana consult with PTI USA executive body and legitimate a Central Disciplinary committee.

According to notification all matters or disputes at overseas chapters must be presented to CDC. The committee may decide to refer the case to SCAD if it is a far from CDC authority.

The CDC consisted on five-members and will be headed by General Secretary Sam Khan. Moreover, President PTI Maryland Waqar Khan, Vice President PTI USA Sadat Rana, General Secretary PTI New York Khurshid Bhalli, Information Secretary PTI USA Zia Rehman are the members of CDC.

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