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FEMA to facilitate the Covid-19 deceased families.

$9,000 to $35,000 should be reimbursed by submitting an application to FEMA.

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The U.S. government passed the Corona Virus Response and Relief Supplementary Appropriation Act-CRRSAA and the American Rescue Plan-ARP Act 2021 to provide financial assistance to the heirs of those died due to Corona virus. Family members of those who died in Corona since the beginning of January 2020 are being reimbursed by the Federal Emergencies Management Agency-FEMA for funeral expenses.

According to the act, Individuals who have paid the cost of one or more deaths from Covid-19 can obtain a refund of the costs incurred by submitting an application to FEMA with the required and complete information. Under the law, the applicant is paid up to $9,000 per funeral, but a house with more than one death can be paid up to $35,000.

All U.S. and non-U.S. citizens who have a family member living in the US or who have died due to Covid-19 or its complications may benefit from this facility.

The affected applicant is required to provide his / her full name, email, social security number, phone number, annual income, death certificate of the deceased and other necessary information.

If the Death Certificate is issued between January 20 and May 16, 2020, then the cause of death on the certificate must be Corona and a certified statement of their physician. In this regard, the application can also be submitted by contacting the toll free number provided by FEMA.

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