Pakistani-American Dr. Asif contest for California, 40th District Congressional election.

State, federal members and eleven leading Democrats announced their full support.


Sixty-year-old Pakistani-American Dr. Asif Mehmood has announced that he will run for the Congressional election from the 40th District of California.State and federal members along with, eleven leading Democrats announced their full support for Dr. Asif Mehmood just days after his declaration of candidacy.

Senator Josh Newman, Senator Sydney Kamlager and Members of Parliament Silva, Santiago, Armbola, Artesia Mayor Ali Sajjad Taj and others have declared their support for the Congress candidate Dr. Asif Mehmood.Dr. Asif Mahmood belongs to lower middle class of the Punjab province, Pakistan. He studied medicine and moved to the US state of Southern California and practiced medicine for the past twenty years.

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