Russian You Tuber Holds Guinness World Record for His Retractable Lightsaber

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Russian-born YouTuber Alex Birkin has a YouTube channel called Alex Lab where he is seen performing science experiments. He has managed to wield a sword called Light Saber from the popular science fiction movie Star Wars.

Inspired by Star Wars, he recently imitated the light sword featured in the movie and crafted a sword that would reach the top. Alex explained that always been a huge Star Wars fan, and the lightsaber was his most-wanted device.

His innovative machine emits a plasma blade with a height of 3 feet and a temperature of 5072 degrees. Because of this heat, Alex’s sword is capable of cutting steel.

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He has been collecting ideas and spare components for lightsaber and power equipment for many years on the internet and from junkyards.

Alex told the Guinness Book of Records about his invention, saying that the real work on optical saber was electricity. An electrolyzer is a device that produces large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen and can compress a gas without any pressure. Alex was able to alter the hydrogen and oxygen burner to generate the shape and length required for his lightsaber after hundreds of trials and bench testing. Finally, the most difficult task was fitting the entire gas distribution system into a lightsaber handle.

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Considering all of the work that has gone into making lightsaber what it is now, Alex still has a few tweaks he wants to make to better his design.

Since this is the first prototype, it has a lot of room for improvement. The hydrogen torch is not as stable as it could be. It only lasts 30 seconds on full power. Due to hydrogen flashback, the lightsaber can sometimes just explode up in your palm.

Photo Courtesy: Screen Grab

Alex intends to develop the prototype by replacing the fuel tank with a carbon tank system and updating the nozzle. Meanwhile, Alex is already working on other new projects after earning a Guinness World Records title for his retractable lightsaber.

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