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F-35C fighter crash landing on USS Carl Vinson.

Stealth combat aircraft Pilot rescued while 7 sailors injured, all are stable.


A Crash landing of a Navy F-35C Lightning II fighter on an US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson deployed in South China Sea resultant seven US sailors were injured on Monday. No details were provided on the cause of the incident.

The incident took place when a stealth combat aircraft was attempting to land after routine flight operations. The investigations was under way, according to statement issued by US Pacific Fleet.

The pilot rescued by a helicopter after ejecting and was in stable condition. Three among seven sailors were evacuated to Manila, Philippines for treatment, where their condition was also stable. Remaining four sailors were treated aboard the ship while three have been released, the statement added.

The Vinson and another US carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, and their strike groups began drills Sunday in the South China Sea, following exercises with a Japanese naval ship in the Philippine Sea last week.

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