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NYC Mayor unveils Blueprint to combat gun violence

"We will have boots on the ground in every corner of the city," Eric Adams.

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams unveiled his new plan to stop gun violence, called the “Blueprint to End Gun Violence”, which lays out numerous policy proposals Mayor Adams is seeking to implement to curb the scourge of gun violence harassing New York City streets.

The new mayor detailed his tough stance on crime, which he promised while running for office and after several high-profile shootings. The roadmap lays out Mayor Adams’ priorities to immediately address the crisis of guns on New York City streets.

“Gun violence is a public health crisis that continues to threaten every corner of our city,” said Mayor Adams. “Public safety is my administration’s highest priority, which is why we will remove guns from our streets, protect our communities, and create a safe, prosperous, and just city for all New Yorkers.”

Adams said his blueprint will immediately ramp up enforcement and deploy more officers in the streets and subways.

“We will have boots on the ground in every corner of the city,” Adams said.

Mayor Adams’ roadmap calls for both intervention and deterrence to end the gun violence epidemic affecting New York, and calls on the federal government and New York state to partner with his administration and other city entities to take immediate action to reduce gun violence.

Mayor Adams also plans to address the root causes that lead to gun violence by growing economic opportunities, improving education, providing greater access to mental health support, and more in New York City.

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